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Elevate Your Coffee Shop, Hotel, Restaurant or business with authentic Specialty Coffee

Our handpicked selection of meticulously roasted coffee beans offers an exceptional opportunity for your business to craft a distinct coffee experience that resonates with your clients.

Explore Our Bean Collection:
Dive into a world of choice with our curated list of coffee beans sourced from the finest coffee-growing regions. Each variety boasts its own profile of flavors, ensuring you'll find the perfect blend to tantalize your customers' taste buds. Our wholesale program empowers you to select the beans that align with your vision and the palate you wish to present.

Craft Your Unique Roast:
We understand that every business has its own identity, and that's why we offer you the flexibility to take control of your coffee's destiny. With our wholesale beans, you have the freedom to roast to your desired level – whether it's a rich and robust dark roast or a vibrant and nuanced light roast. The power to create a signature roast that reflects your establishment's personality is now in your hands.

Elevate Your Business:
Whether you're running a cozy coffee shop, managing a luxurious hotel, or overseeing a bustling restaurant, our wholesale roasted coffee beans are designed to elevate your offerings. Your customers deserve the best, and by serving our premium coffee, you're demonstrating your commitment to quality and an unforgettable dining experience.

Why Choose Café Costal Campeisno Beans?

Quality & Traceability Assurance: We take pride in sourcing only the highest quality beans while helping disadvantaged communities, ensuring quality and traceability all the way.

Small-Batch production: Working with little farms in Colombia, México and Honduras.
Expertise: With years of experience in the coffee industry, we're not just providing beans – we're offering a partnership that brings knowledge and passion to your doorstep.
Diverse Selection: Our diverse array of beans guarantees that you'll find the perfect match for your business's unique ambiance and clientele.

How to Get Started:

  1. Browse our extensive list of coffee beans and select the ones that resonate with your vision. Download the list here!

  2. Choose your preferred roast level to craft a signature taste that sets you apart.

  3. Reach out to our dedicated wholesale team at or +34 6448581  to discuss quantities and pricing tailored to your business needs.

  4. Join us in redefining the coffee experience for your customers. 

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